Dear Visitor,

Dear Prospective Client,

The ENVIPROG Group has been active in the field of environmental services since 2003.

The owner of ENVIPROG Group has a professional experience of 10 years. Besides being an environmental officer and consultant he is also a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers and the Board of the Environmental Division of Fejér County Chamber of Engineers since 2010.

The Managing Director of the ENVIPOG Group has a diploma in Environmental Engineering as well as in Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, and she is also a licensed Fire Safety Officer.

We believe that unification of resources and covering as complex fields of services as possible are the keys to our successful work. Therefore our group consists of several engineers with decades of experience who are participating in performing environmental, health and safety and fire safety tasks.

ENVIPROG is specialized in preparation of environmental permitting documentation and performing environmental, health and safety and fire safety officer functions. Our company operates country-wide with its headquarter in Székesfehérvár.

The field of environmental services is based on the principle of mutual trust between the Client and the consultant. Effective solution of problems in compliance with legal regulations requires a proper dialogue. Strong technical and environmental background of the consultant is an indispensable condition for reconciliation, resolution of some problems requires knowledge of strategical planning and corporate governance.

Environmental permitting is a high priority investment phase. Different participants of the project (managers, architects, engineers) usually meet for the first time just before the environmental permitting therefore the knowledge and preparedness of the environmental consultant plays a critical role in the successful realization of a project. Planning, realization and maintenance of OHS and fire safety regulations also play a key role in carrying out a safe and employment-creating investment.

Environmental, OHS and fire safety consultancy is an engineering activity of great responsibility. The professional and personal preparedness of our company and the technical experience of a decade guarantee our successful and continuous operation. Our English and German knowledge gives us the opportunity to manage projects without the assistance of an interpreter, which can significantly reduce the necessary project time.

We appreciate your interest in our business.

Yours sincerely,

Roland Tóth